Transportation: how to get around Koh Samui

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How to get around Koh Samui?

There are many ways to get around Koh Samui. Think of motorbike taxis, regular taxis or open cars that transport several people on fixed routes around the island. If you want to drive yourself, consider hiring a motorbike or car to explore the island privately. What options do we have? Let’s explore!

Motorbike taxi

One of the most popular and easy ways to get around Koh Samui is by motorbike taxi. Small, motorized scooters that can take one or two passengers. They are a quick and convenient way to get from one place to another and most used for short distances, for example between Chaweng and Lamai. The fares are usually very reasonable and you can easily hail a motorcycle taxi on the street or at a designated taxi stand. Just be sure to negotiate the fare before getting on, and wear a helmet for safety. Most of the drivers will have a spare helmet ready for you.

Car or scooter rental

Another option is to rent a car or a scooter. This is a good option if you want to explore the island at your own pace. It allows you to visit more remote areas that are not easily accessible by public transportation, such as locations uphill or hidden waterfalls. The roads on Koh Samui are generally in good condition, but driving can be a bit chaotic, so it’s important to stay alert and drive defensively.

You can rent a car or a scooter from one of the many rental agencies on the island, and you will need to have a valid driver’s license and a deposit. Please note that motorbikes on Koh Samui are 100cc+, which means you will need an international motorbike license. If you don’t have one, don’t drive! Insurance companies won’t cover any injuries caused by a motorbike accident without it.


If you don’t want to drive, you can take an open car or songthaew. The songthaews on Koh Samui are dark red vehicles that run along fixed routes around the island. The back is covered but accessible from behind and transports up to 12 persons. They are a cheap and convenient way to get around, but they can be crowded during peak times. Want to go for a more authentic local experience? Then take one of these. Negotiate the price up front as fares can be different for tourists and Thais.


Walking is usually only advised in the towns, not between the towns itself. Most roads on Koh Samui have been upgraded with foot paths but lack those between for example Chaweng and Lamai. As traffic can be quite chaotic it is in many cases dangerous to walk along the roads. In towns like Fisherman’s village, Chaweng or Lamai you can easily walk from one place to the other. For other destinations we recommend getting a taxi, songthaew or your own transport.

Overall, Koh Samui offers a variety of transportation options to suit every budget and preference. Whether you want to explore the island on your own, or take a more relaxed approach, there is a transportation option that will meet your needs.